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When you go shopping its hard to find a one piece that is cool enough to capture your attention. Babies like to look cool, they want to communicate with the outside world. They want to express to the world how special they are. Because our kids come from different parts of the world and every child is different. Being a baby has its precious time frame so lets not waste it wearing boring clothes.


Pictures are worth a thousand words and through clothing it communicates our value, character and attitude.  Professor Mehrabian famous rule that communication is only 7 percent verbal and 93 percent non verbal. The one piece is a brilliant design that we are all very familiar with and often people forget the potential of it. We simply want to reintroduce this familiar product with a little modern flare.  It can be a tool for babies to communicate while they are still young and cannot verbal communicate. Its a way babies can communicate with people and express themselves. Lets not limit their clothing to just simple solid colors or boring designs. We should allow them be anything, wear anything and look cool while doing it.